Saturday, 26 May 2012

Green Tea Plus - Antioxidant drink

Green Tea Plus

            Green Tea Plus is a concentrated green tea extract that provides a delicious, high-antioxidant drink. For thousands of years, people have turned to the benefits of green tea to help support their immune systems. Now, that green tea is concentrated so that you get the antioxidant polyphenols of six cups (5 ounces each) of regular green tea in just one serving!

Green Tea Plus Benefits
  • Natural energy from real green tea extract*
  • Immune support to keep you healthy*
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism*
  • Concentrated green tea drops to increase
    antioxidant power*


  1. Green tea is beneficial for the health. It really improves our blood circulation. It increases flexibility and strength of our body.

    Stage 4 breast cancer

    1. yes in did it also helps us to refresh and also contains antioxidant which helps our skin some extend.
      Thanks for your valuable comment,
      Have a healthy day.